What is Pantheonic?

Pantheonic offers clothing and accessories that feature the words and images some of history's greatest thinkers, artists, and leaders. 

Our custom artwork is not available anywhere else.

Our goals are to pay tribute to a diverse cast of characters who have helped shaped our world, provide you with amazing products and customer service, and have a little fun in the process. 

And because we are a small, artisanal, boutique, independent, curated, self-deprecated, underappreciated business, we offer the discerning patron -- and everyone else -- a guilt-free shopping experience.    

What is Pantheonic not?

  • A quant hedge fund
  • A yoga studio
  • A Super PAC
  • A daycare
  • A hot chicken restaurant
  • A meme (at least not yet)
  • Regretful about its odd and at times long-winded sense of humor
  • New York's oldest white-shoe law firm
  • A Roman temple
  • Another mediocre fast-casual dining experience